Adviser: Britain backs Serbia along EU path

British officials have backed Serbia along its path toward the EU, adviser to the Serbian president Marko Đurić has said.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, they also "qualified as positive Belgrade's active role in the dialogue with Priština."

Đurić met in London on Thursday with Owen Jenkins, head of the Western Balkans and Enlargement Department at the Europe Directorate at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Karen Lumley, a member of the House of Commons, Patrick Rock, a political adviser to the British prime minister.

He discussed "the proceedings and future of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue, Serbia's EU integration, and bilateral issues in relation to further British investments in Serbia."

Serbia enjoys the support for speedier EU integration, with constant dialogue on the issues of interest for member states, Đurić said.

He noted that while in Britain "numerous politicians have a somewhat more skeptical approach to the EU," but Serbia enjoys the support for its continued and accelerated EU integrations, "along with a constant dialogue on the issues that are of interest to the member-states."

“When it comes to the Belgrade-Priština dialogue, the UK highly appreciates the fact that, at the moment, the initiative is on our side in terms of proposing concrete solutions for improving the position of our community in Kosovo and Metohija and qualifies as positive the constructive and solution-oriented approach of our side in the talks,” Đurić said.

This adviser also said that Britain "exceptionally appreciates the Serb contribution to the recent holding of local elections in Kosovo and Metohija, while the contribution to achieving the positive results in the dialogue with the interim institutions in Priština was appraised as impressive."

On the second of his visit, Đurić will attend a discussion dubbed, "Serbia/Kosovo: The Brussels Agreements and beyond", at the University of Oxford.


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