"Local elections in Kosovo cannot fail"

Government's media office chief Milivoje Mihajlović is confident that Serbs will vote in local elections in Kosovo and Metohija on November 3.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

He also thinks that the elections "cannot fail regardless of obstructions."

Mihajlović told RTS on Thursday that talks in Brussels are still ongoing, adding that "there are problems concerning some key things - ballot papers, polling station staff and members of electoral commissions."

He expects that the EU "will have the final word at the last moment and thus help ensure that the elections are regular."

The problems illustrate Priština's strong opposition to the local elections and fear of Serbs' participation in them, he said.

According to this official, "Priština fears that "ome Serbs who have so far put up roadblocks and protested against Priština's authorities will suddenly come into power in certain municipalities."

"There are attempts to obstruct in every possible way the electoral process as one of the important elements of the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Priština, so obstacles in election preparations are being set up," he added.

"That is why there is an uncivilized approach to the people from Serbia who are coming to Kosovo to talk with people and explain to them why it is necessary that they go to the polls, which Priština resists, thus opposing the Brussels agreement to which it is one of the signatories," he said.

Mihajlović noted that there was also much resistance among Serbs in northern Kosovo and Metohija - "because of some political options that are against establishing normal authorities in municipalities, and have a strong political excuse for not casting their ballot in elections."

However, he stressed on the election day, "everything will be conducted in an orderly fashion."

"The most important thing is that there are no incidents, and that people go to the polls in the greatest possible numbers, and choose their representatives, and that elections are legitimate and legal," Mihajlović said, voicing expectation that technical talks on Kosovo will continue in Brussels on Thursday.

Commenting on Hashim Thaci's statement that Aleksandar Vulin "would be arrested if he came to Kosovo wearing a uniform", Mihajlović said it was "an attempt to find a way out of this situation, and in fact, a signal to Brussels that Priština is being cooperative."


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