Vučić says he will go to Kosovo along with Vulin

Aleksandar Vučić has "promised" a group of Serbs from Kosovo in Belgrade that he would visit the southern province ahead of the local elections there.

Source: Beta

These elections are scheduled to be held on November 3.

The deputy prime minister addressed more than a thousand supporters of the Civil Initiative Srpska election list in front of the government HQ on Friday, to say that he would travel to Kosovo "together with Minister Aleksandar Vulin" - despite the fact Priština had banned Vulin from entering the province.

"I am telling you this, and they (Priština) are free to arrest whoever they like. I will go together with Vulin and visit all your places in Kosovo and Metohija," Vučić said.

He once again criticized Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement made in Prizren this week that "Kosovo is Turkey and Turkey Kosovo."

According to him, "Serbia, which respects the strength and size of Turkey, will never allow itself to be humiliated and brought down."

Vučić then said that the citizens of Serbia "know about the problems faced by the Serbs from Kosovo," but asked the Serbs in the southern province "to show understanding for the difficult decisions that the Serbian government is making."


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