Leader of Albanian party from south accuses PM

President of the ethnic Albanian party Movement for Democratic Progress Jonuz Musliu has accused PM Ivica Dačić of "threatening him" during a meeting.

Izvor: Beta

This former former representative of the now disbanded so-called Liberation Army of Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa (OVPMB) was in Belgrade on Thursday for a meeting at the government, along with several other leaders of ethnic Albanian parties from southern Serbia.

"Dačić lost control and crossed into the stage of Milošević. He told me that he had the power. I told him that although I was in the building of the Serbian government in Belgrade, he could arrest me, but not scare me," Musliu told the Priština-based Albanian language daily Epoka e Re.

He was further quoted as saying that Dačić was responding to his request to address the status of Albanians in the Preševo valley.

"At the meeting I asked the Dačić for reciprocity to be achieved. I insisted that all the rights that Serbs in northern Kosovo have should also be had by Albanians in Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa," said Musliu.

According to him, "in the absence of international mediation" the meetings with Dačić will fail, while the next "should certainly be organized and overseen by the international factor."

Musliu accused Dačić on not being interested in solving problems, but only "in employing and integrating some of the people and setting aside certain funds for the Presevo valley."

The meeting yesterday discussed the problems that Albanian leaders defined a joint platform in February, and which the government adopted in June as the Seven-Point Platform.


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