32,000 IDPs from Kosovo "have right to vote"

The Serbian authorities have all necessary documentation that shows that 32,000 IDPs have the right to vote in Kosovo, says Marko Đurić.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

Đurić, a presidential adviser who heads a team implementing the Brussels agreement, underscored for the Belgrade-based daily Večernje Novosti that there could be no active or passive infringement of the citizens' voting rights, as “the prerequisite for regularity is also that all eligible voters be given an opportunity to cast their ballo

“Efforts are still ongoing to resolve the issue. Our side has all necessary documentation that confirms that these people meet all legal conditions for participation in these elections. We expect an active approach of the international community so as to ensure the resolution of this problem,” Đurić said.

The presidential advisor said that the issue of registering 12,000 people from northern Kosovo and Metohija in the electoral roll was resolved.

“They were on Serbia's electoral roll, but they were not on the list for local elections in the province. Now, each and every one of them will be registered,” Đurić said.

“Elections are a chance to secure legitimate Serb institutions in the province, and the approach that we took - the fight for the formation of a community of Serb municipalities - is the only one which can guarantee the expansion and strengthening of the influence of Serbia and the Serb community in the province,” Đurić underscored.


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