Conflicting statements from Priština officials

A minister in the government in Priština said on Thursday that the decision to ban Serbian officials from entering Kosovo was "final."

Source: Beta

Enver Hoxhaj, who serves as foreign minister, referred to the decision to prevent Serbian officials from traveling to Kosovo for the duration of the campaign for the November 3 local elections.

"That will not change, regarldess of the pressure that Serbia will exert toward Brussels. I have nothing to add to what Deputy PM Hajredin Kuci said yesterday. No official of Serbia will be able to enter Kosovo while the campaing is ongoing," he told the Priština-based website

Priština on Wednesday announced that it had rejected the request of Serbian PM Ivica Dačić to launch the campaign in the Serb enclave of Štrpce, in southern Kosovo.

Dačić reacted by announcing the possibility that the Brussels negotiations "could be interrupted."

However, despite Hoxhaj's statement that the ban applied to all Serbian officials, another minister in the Kosovo government, Vlora Citaku, took to her Twitter account on Thursday afternoon to say that there had been "a misunderstanding," and that the ban concerned "only Dačić."

Her post reads as follows:

"There has been a misunderstanding! There was no ban for Serbian officials to visit Kosovo! There was just a No for Dacic visit! That's all!"


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