Belgrade to have interim govt., then go to polls

Aleksandar Vučić has said that once Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas' technical mandate expires on October 24, an interim administrative body will be set up.

Source: Tanjug

The deputy prime minister and SNS party leader also stated that elections would "definitely" be held in the next six months.

According to Vučić, a new mayor of Belgrade will not be elected "from the majority formed ahead of the dismissal of Đilas." The SNS leader noted that representatives of the DSS, who joined them in the initiative to sack the mayor, "are not always saying the same thing," and that he was "unsure what kind of majority even exists."

He added that the Progressives (SNS) are now preparing "a professional team" for the interim administration, as well as for the upcoming city elections, and that he was "willing to talk with people from the DS, and even LDP leader Čedomir Jovanović, about their ideas on the city's management."

"It is obvious that until October 23, 24, Đilas will be mayor, of the course in the technical mandate, after that we will establish a provisional body, it is standard procedure," Vučić told the Belgrade-based TV Pink outlet.

Vučić said he "feared that the debt of the city exceeded the estimated 857 million," and that the citizens of Belgrade and Serbia "will be shocked" when data has been presented on the results of the 'marketing policy' that was previously conducted in the capital.


"Serbia was ready for screening"

PM Ivica Dačić and EU Delegation to Serbia head Michael Davenport agreed on Monday in their assessment that Serbia has "a well-prepared team for screening."

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Vučić defends Pride Parade ban

Aleksandar Vučić has said the decision to ban Pride Parade and all other assemblies in Belgrade was "the only right decision, made in the interest of citizens."

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