U.S. laser system donation presented to military

Serbian Defense Minister Nebojša Rodić and U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby visited VS Base South (Jug) near Bujanovac, in southern Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

They attended the presentation of the Multiple Integrated Laser System (MILES) used in soldier training for participation in peacekeeping missions worldwide.

The Serbian Army (VS) "thus became a highly respected army in peacekeeping missions worldwide," Rodić said.

Recalling that the VS has been working on the introduction of MILES system ever since 2011, Rodić said that the U.S. government delivered its donated equipment on September 9.

The money for funding of the MILES system was provided by the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs which, with the Pentagon's help, ensured the delivery of MILES to Serbia, Rodić said.

He announced a joint exercise of the Serbian Army and troops from other countries next year, under the title "Platinum Wolf 2014."

Kirby expressed satisfaction that he is able to help Serbia on the path it opted for, that is to help world peace by participation in peacekeeping missions.

Kirby expressed gratitude to members of the Ohio National Guard which has done a lot to help base South achieve such important progress.

The system installed on Friday is worth USD 1.6 million and it can supply 120 soldiers.

The official delivery of the system was attended by Chief-of-staff of the Serbian Army Gen. Ljubiša Diković with his associates and Commander of the Ohio National Guard Deborah Ashenhurst.

The U.S. ambassador and Rodić visited the training against improvised explosive devices conducted by the team of the U.S. European Command.


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