Wednesday last day for local Kosovo elections lists

The deadline for the submission of candidate lists for the November local elections in Kosovo expires at midnight CET on Wednesday.

Source: Tanjug

The Central Election Commission received two Serb citizen initiative lists in July and their entry has been confirmed. The two initiatives are from central western and Kosovo.

Serbian officials have been saying that a united list of Serb candidates will be formed, and the Democratic Party, which is currently in the opposition in Serbia, has stated it will take part in the elections on November 3.

Minister Without Portfolio in charge of Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin has said the candidate lists, candidates and signatures are ready, but that status neutral election material is not.

"The minute that is ready, and I have information that it will be today, we are prepared to enter our lists, candidates, and appear throughout Kosovo united as Serbs," Vulin stated.

He explained that status neutral material meant that the form used for registration in the elections for voters or political parties should not include the Kosovo coat of arms and the name "Republic of Kosovo".

The only thing that can be on the form is the name of the Central Election Commission, because the Kosovo government is not the one organizing the elections, but the Central Election Commission, especially since the OSCE is involved as well, Vulin noted.

The Central Election Commission in Priština decided on Monday there would be no state symbols of Kosovo on the ballots for the Kosovo local elections.


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