New round of Kosovo negotiations in Brussels

Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci are continuing the Kosovo talks in Brussels, and the topic of the new round are ballot papers for he fall local elections.

Source: B92

They will also discuss issues related to energy and telecommunications.

The new round on Monday in Brussels began with separate meetings of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton with the prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo, followed by a joint meeting.

The main topics for discussion will be local elections in Kosovo, scheduled for November, and remaining issues related to energy and telecommunications.

Dačić said he expects agreement on the contentious issues and the implementation of the Brussels agreement on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština.

He said that was unacceptable for Serbia that ballot papers had some symbol of "the state of Kosovo," but that "perhaps we can agree to the logo of the Central Election Commission of Kosovo (CIK)."

Thaci said on Monday that the appearance of ballot papers was under the jurisdiction of the CIK and was up to it to decide on the logo, based on the Brussels agreement and Kosovo laws.

Belgrade-based daily Danas said it had learned unofficially that "Belgrade had accepted that Kosovo be granted special international code +383 which would be the only remaining in use in this territory after 2015, until which time Serbia's country code will also be in use."


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