Vulin: Ballots cannot have Kosovo logo

BELGRADE - Head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Aleksandar Vulin defies Pristina's announcement to have Kosovo logos on ballots.

Source: Tanjug

In an interview for Radio Television of Serbia on Saturday, says that Serbia finds it is unacceptable for ballots in local elections in Kosovo-Metohija Vulin to have Kosovo logos and recalled that OSCE should maintain a status of neutral stand at the local elections scheduled for November 3.

Either OSCE would be status neutral or the elections would not be held, he said and underscored that Pristina opposes mass turnout of Serbs in the elections because it fears they would take over all the rights they won though the Brussels agreement.

The agreement reached by Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and his Kosovo counterpart Hasim Taci in Brussels on April 19 envisages the constitution of the community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo-Metohija with certain executive powers.

In order to participate in the elections, Serbs do not have to recognise the state of Kosovo and Serbs do not have to become members of the self-declared Republic of Kosovo.

The agreement is status neutral and Serbs will accept the November 3 ballots only on such conditions and without any logos of the inexistent state, Vulin said.


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