Dinkić: Dačić wants to avoid early elections

Leader of the United Regions of Serbia (URS) Mlađan Dinkić stated on Tuesday that PM Ivica Dačić wants to avoid early elections.

Source: Tanjug

That is the reason he asked for the URS to be excluded from the reshuffled cabinet, the minister of finance and economy said.

At a press conference held after the prime minister and leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) announced his decision about the URS's exit from the ruling coalition, Dinkić said that Dačić is afraid of losing the prime minister's office, as public support is growing for Aleksandar Vučić, the first deputy prime minister and leader of the strongest party in the ruling coalition, the Serb Progressive Party (SNS).

Dačić sees Vučić as a true prime minister, but wants to keep the office formally, said the URS leader, who has been the minister of finance up to this point.

Dinkić says that Dačić decided to kick the URS out of the ruling coalition, and give the SNS the ministry of finance and economy so as to eliminate the possibility of calling snap elections.

“We have been discussing the issue for four hours on Monday evening, since I could not find the strong link between my leaving the ministry of finance and his staying in the prime minister's office,” Dinkić said.

Dinkić says that he received support from Vučić to remain in the government, but not from Dačić.

“I do not see any connection between my staying in the finance minister's office and his prime minister's position, except for the fact that Dačić repeated several times on Monday that he is afraid of early elections,” Dinkić told the news conference at the URS headquarters.


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