Ruling coalition leaders end new meeting

The leaders of Serbia's ruling parties held a new meeting on Tuesday in Belgrade; PM Ivica Dačić is expected to hold a news conference later in the day.

Source: B92, Politika

Yesterday, they discussed the government reshuffle during a four-hour meeting at the Serbian government HQ in Belgrade, and made no statements afterwards.

Ivica Dačić (SPS), Aleksandar Vučić (SNS), and Mlađan Dinkić (URS) were meeting again on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Belgrade-based daily Politika quoted unnamed sources to report that PM Dačić was to tell the meeting that the reshuffle "meant that Mlađan Dinkić and Žarko Obradović (SPS) would leave their ministerial posts."

Politika's website was citing sources "close to the prime minister."

B92 learned, however, that it was uncertain whether the largest party of the ruling coalition - Vučić's Progressives (SNS) - would accept this scenario.

The United Regions of Serbia (URS), meanwhile, said they would not make any official statements.

But a source close to the party told B92 that the chance of the URS remaining in the government if Dinkić left was "equally as realistic as the SPS staying without Dačić."


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