Poll: Progressives and its leader have highest rating

The ruling Serb Progressive Party (SNS) would receive the most votes if early parliamentary elections were held, a new poll has shown.

Source: Beta

Beta news agency said that the Faktor Plus agency survey results released on July 25 put the number at 40.9 percent.

The opposition Democratic Party (DS) would come in second with 11.8 percent, according to this,

The poll was carried out from July 18 to 23, on a sample of 1,120 people across Serbia, while the results were presented at the Media Center in Belgrade.

Faktor Plus researcher Predrag Lacmanović said that SNS leader Aleksandar Vučić was the most popular politician thanks to the fight against corruption, and that a 74-percent majority of those interviewed believed that he should be prime minister. Current Prime Minister Ivica Dačić garnered 15-percent support.

The third favorite party is the Socialist Party of Serbia (SNS) which, according to the survey, would win 10.6 percent of votes, followed by the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) with 7.4 percent.

When asked "who had paid for the poll," Lacmanović told Beta that Faktor Plus carried out the surveys independently to build up its reputation.

"We live off market surveys and we are building the agency's reputation this way. We have created a package service -- it is called the Political Barometer and is published every month to six weeks," he said.


LDP: Early elections only solution

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) believes that Serbia is in a political crisis, and the only rational solution is to call early elections.

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