Serbia, Bulgaria "wish to intensify cooperation" - speakers

Bulgaria supports Serbia's EU integration and the two countries want to intensify cooperation, and improve relations between the countries of Southeast Europe.

Source: Tanjug

This was concluded on Tuesday in Belgrade by the speakers of the two countries' parliaments, Nebojša Stefanović and Mihail Mikov.

Serbia is already on the path to the EU, which is a recognition to its politicians, Mikov said, stressing that Bulgaria had always supported Serbia's EU integration.

Mikov noted he was glad to be in Serbia to help intensify cooperation through better contacts between the parliaments, their committees and friendship groups.

He also said he was happy to be able to congratulate Sefanovic on Serbia's success in EU integration and wish him success on the road ahead.

Bulgaria supports Serbia's EU integration, Stefanović stated, adding he discussed with Mikov some things Serbia could learn from Bulgaria about the accession talks with the EU.

Since the Serbian parliament intends to become a much more important factor in Serbia's EU integration, it can control that process the best by learning from the experience of other countries through cooperating with them, Stefanović said.

He pointed out that he and Mikov discussed the two countries' cooperation and relations in the region as well.

"We discussed how to take more advantage of the participation in the Danube Initiative, Black Sea Economic Initiative and other important processes, like the one we started recently in Macedonia, and that is cooperation between the countries of Southeast Europe," said Stefanović, who expects a parliamentary assembly to be formed to further improve the cooperation in that part of Europe.

He expects better bilateral relations and good cooperation between neighbours, stressing that the relations between the two nations were improving at the moment.

"Both countries have stated willingness, like Mikov and me today regarding parliamentary cooperation, for our activities related to the economy, better cooperation and concerning organizations of mutual interest to be much better," he pointed out.

He expects the meeting on Tuesday and activities by the two parliament's friendship groups to improve the cooperation between the two nations.


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