Jeremić to return to politics in October as independent MP

UN General Assembly President Vuk Jeremić says he intends to return to Belgrade and be an independent MP after his mandate in the global organization expires.

Source: Ria novosti, Tanjug

In an interview for RIA Novosti, Jeremić said that he would return to Belgrade in October so as to be a representative in the parliament of Serbian citizens who "appointed him," Tanjug is reporting.

Serbia's former foreign minister and former member of the now opposition Democratic Party (DS) said he had no intention of joining any party, "for now."

Speaking about the special investigation into human organ trafficking cases in Kosovo, Jeremić said that "no progress has been made yet."

"There are no news in the investigation into human organ trafficking," Jeremić said and added that he keeps regular contact with representatives of various countries and that he did not get any explanation on the reasons for the delay.

The UNGA president expressed his hope that "results would become visible eventually."

The Russian news agency recalled that in 2008, former Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte mentioned allegations that ethnic Albanian KLA in 1999 and 2000 kidnapped hundreds of Serb civilians in the province, illegally imprisoned them in northern Albania, and had their vital organs removed to be sold in the international black market.

After this, Swiss MP Dick Marty started preparing the report on the human organ trafficking in Kosovo for the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

The report was released in 2010 and in the document, Marty for the first time referred to the involvement of the then Kosovo leadership in the organized criminal group involved in human trafficking.

Marty said that the international community had been aware of the facts he listed for the previous ten years, RIA reported.


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