"Priština serious obstacle to implementation of deal"

Aleksandar Vulin stated on Wednesday that "Priština is becoming a serious obstacle to the implementation of the Brussels agreement."

Source: Tanjug

It is "a strong opponent of Kosovo Serbs' integration into the institutions envisaged by the agreement," the director of the Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija further charged.

Vulin told Tanjug that the latest troubling fact is the adoption of "some kind of an administrative decision on the election of regional commander" of the police.

"This is absolutely unacceptable for us - everything about the election of regional commander is regulated by the Brussels agreement and the agreement cannot be changed. What was agreed in Brussels cannot be changed in Priština," Vulin pointed out.

He qualified as completely unacceptable the idea according to which Priština will nominate the candidates.

"This seriously violates the implementation of the Brussels agreement and the possibility of integration of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. Priština thus becomes a serious obstacle to the Brussels agreement, it threatens further continuation of talks and the Serbs' confidence that the integration will be status neutral and exactly like it has been agreed," he said.

"We are also quite worried about saber-rattling Priština is resorting to - and also that certain oaths have been taken by something that is called the future army of Kosovo," Vulin said, adding that Serbia asked and received guarantees from NATO that there will be no military formation in northern Kosovo in the next ten years.

"We take our partners at their word and ask them to take care that no armed elements, whatever they call them, threaten security in Kosovo and Metohija, especially the security of the Serbs," he noted.

Vulin also said that Serbia strongly protests against an agreement between the so-called Kosovo security forces and the Albanian army on mutual crossing of borders and some kind of mutual assistance and cooperation.

"This is absolutely unacceptable for us and it certainly does not lead to peace and stability in Kosovo and Metohija," he stressed.

"I am afraid that, if things keep going like this, we will come to a conclusion that Priština perhaps wants the territory but not the Serbs. The Serbian government will not agree with that and will not allow it," Vulin concluded.


Bill on eGovernment adopted

The government on Thursday adopted an eGovernment bill that should enable simpler, more transparent and more efficient operation of electronic public services.

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