Dačić: Three of us still don't have clear picture

Ivica Dačić says he and leaders of the SNS and the URS Aleksandar Vučić and Mlađan Dinkić "do not have a clear picture of changes in the government reshuffle."

Izvor: Tanjug

Speaking during the marking of the 23rd anniversary since the founding of his party, the SPS, the prime minister underlined that "there are no problems between him and Vučić regardless if this refers to the government reshuffle or elections."

He said that the government reshuffle will be carried out by the end of the month, and that July 27 was taken as a symbol since the date marks the anniversary of the government's establishment.

“It is not a problem who made mistakes and who did not, the one who made mistakes can correct them. The focus is on what we should do next, and at the moment me, Vučić and Dinkić do not have a clear picture of personnel changes,” he underscored.

Reporters were interested to learn why neither Vučić nor President Tomislav Nikolić were not present at the celebration, and Dačić said that Vučić was out of the country - "and that it has been agreed that this year that the Socialists will be congratulated by Parliament Speaker and SNS Deputy President Nebojša Stefanović."

Dačić also said the party made decisions about political changes in Serbia in three key situations and did not make a mistake in any of them, including its decision to enter a coalition with the Serb Progressive Party (SNS).

"I want to thank our partners in the government. We did not make a mistake when we formed a coalition with them, because changes cannot be stopped and Nikolic's win brought changes. Our decision was the right one and any other decision would have been wrong," said Dačić.

Dačić said the Socialists made a good decision when they entered the government of Vojislav Kostunica, again when they formed a coalition with the Democratic Party (DS) and, most recently, with the SNS.

Dačić said the reshuffle which is in the works was not forced on the government by the opposition and that it cannot boil down to personnel matters, but will focus on systematic changes, the rule of law and making the country more open to foreign investments.

He noted this is the first post-2000 government led by a prime minister from the SPS, and pledged not to betray the confidence shown him by President Tomislav Nikolic and the voters.

"We will do everything for Serbia, but we will not give Serbia for the world," said Dačić.

He said Serbia's national interest is becoming the next country to join the EU and expressed conviction this goal will be achieved by the current generation of politicians.

Dačić said the idea of "a great coalition" made up of the DS and the SNS is "a fairytale" - because the DS was " no longer a major party."

The celebration was attended by the leaders of the coalition of the SPS, the United Pensioners of Serbia and United Serbia, and representatives of their coalition partners, including Nebojša Stefanović, Minister of Finance and Economy Mlađan Dinkić, Minister of Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić, and Director of PTT Serbia Milan Krkobabić.


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