"No harsh words" as coalition leaders meet

"Nothing spectacular happened" at the first meeting he held with Aleksandar Vučić and Mlađan Dinkić, Prime Minister Ivica Dačić has revealed.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

He made the statement after leaders of Serbia's ruling coalition met to discuss a cabinet reshuffle.

"Nothing spectacular happened in terms of maybe some expectations that there would be some arguments, harsh words. On the contrary, we agreed as serious political people on the steps to be taken," Dačić said late on Sunday, after attending a kickboxing match between Serbia and Poland in Jagodina.

He added that "what holds this government together are results - as long as there are results, there will be this government."

"This means that by the end of July there will be talk about all the tasks that the government will have in the future, and of course, this includes personnel solutions but also the realization of some other objectives," said Dačić.

He added that "since there are still three weeks until the end of this month," the first week should see discussion on "what would be the next goals."

"In the second week organs of the parties that form the coalition should identify specific proposals. In the last week that should be debated by the government and parliament," he explained.

The prime minister said that the main objectives were "continued rapid advancement toward Europe because it is in our national and state interests," as well as to have "political and economic stability in Serbia, and fight for each new job."

Dačić stated that the target of the government to open negotiations for membership in the European Union "has been achieved."

"We need now to turn to other targets. Our goal is to have quality negotiations on EU membership and finish them fast. And to deal with the greatest evil that Serbia is facing today and that is extremely high unemployment. It will be our task in the coming period. Since it coincides with the anniversary of the formation of the government of Serbia we will every year at this time analyze the results we have achieved," he was quoted as saying.


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