Serbia's "European future" is certain, says adviser

President Tomislav Nikolić's meeting with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy "is a clear signal that the European future of Serbia is certain."

Izvor: Tanjug

This is true "as today a firm support was expressed to starting the process of accession negotiations between Serbia and the EU in January," said Serbian Presidential Adviser Marko Đurić.

Đurić told reporters after the meeting in Belgrade on Monday that all EU member-countries EU are showing solidarity with Serbia in implementing difficult reforms and in recognizing that which it has done in the past twelvemonth.

“We heard Van Rompuy say that on the one hand, Serbia should be implementing the reforms it is implementing with the aim of making its contribution as a member of the family of European nations, but on the other, the one more important to the Serbian citizens, with the aim of tailoring the country to the needs of the citizens and creating a functional state,” he said.

According to Đurić, the meeting passed in a friendly atmosphere, the discussion touched on the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština, among other topics, and Serbia was praised for patiently facing challenges and encouraged to foster its commitment to promoting regional cooperation.

“The participation of Nikolić in a number of regional forums and his direct talks with European leaders sent a clear picture of Serbia's commitment to improving the relations in the region,” said Đurić.

He added that Brussels is aware of the progress Serbia has made in its relations with all the countries in its immediate neighborhood over the recent months.


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