Several Serbs injured in attack in Kosovo

Several Serbs, at least three children among them, suffered injuries on Friday when the buses they were traveling in were attacked with stones.

Source: B92

The victims were returning from the ceremonies marking St. Vitus Day (Vidovdan) at Gazimestan, near Priština.

Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej has left Kosovo safely, Visoki Dečani abbot Sava Janjić posted on his Twitter account.

B92 learned that the buses were attack on two locations, the more serious incident happening near Miloševo, close to Gazimestan.

"(Ethnic) Albanians are en masse stoning Serb school buses. Five buses have been damaged, there are injuries. Witnesses said that groups of Albanianas waited for Serb buses in ambush, some even followed the buses in their cars," Sava Janjić stated, and asked, "What was Kosovo police doing?"

According to him, it is still unknown how many people were injured from broken glass. They are receiving medical treatment in the nearby Serb enclave of Gračanica.

Gračanica Health Center Director Radmila Trajković has said that one child had cuts on the head, while two others on their bodies.

Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Aleksandar Vulin told reporters that a young woman was hospitalized in Kosovska Mitrovica.

The KPS was conducting an investigation, but was yet to detain anyone, reports said on Friday afternoon, while some Serb sources said that there was video footage showing the attacks.


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