Vučić "not thrilled," expects "good news"

Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has said that he was "not thrilled" with the conclusions of the German parliament.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

According to him, "certain segments" of the declaration adopted in Berlin in Thursday were "intended for the internal use."

In a statement for RTS after his meeting in Vienna with Austrian Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger, Vučić said that he still wished to wait until June 28, when the European Council would make a decision on accession talks with Serbia, Beta is reporting.

Vučić further said that Serbia was on the right track and that the country had worked hard, which had been acknowledged. "Serbia has become a reliable partner, Serbia has neither lied nor deceived, and it remains to be seen whether Serbia has been deceived," Vučić stated.

Serbia's first deputy prime minister expects that Serbia will receive good news from Brussels on Friday, Tanjug is reporting.

"We are not thrilled with what we have heard from certain EU members. Still, we expect good news from Brussels," Vučić said in Vienna, at a joint press conference held with Spindelegger.

Earlier on Thursday, Bundestag MPs gave the green light for the German government to vote in favor of opening accession talks with Serbia at the European Council session on Friday, provided that the first accession conference be held in January 2014.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the negotiations can start if progress in implementing the Belgrade-Priština agreement is confirmed in December.

"It would be unfair to say I am thrilled with what we got from the Bundestag today," Vučić noted.

The Serbian deputy prime minister did not want to comment on the decision regarding a date for Serbia, but said he would like to wait for Friday's EU summit in Brussels and the European Council's decision.

Spindelegger said he was "aware that parliaments in some countries use their influence on decision-making, adding it is most important that there is a decision to open the talks."

"It is important that there is a decision on opening talks with Serbia. We need to focus on negotiations and use the time before the beginning for preparations. For me, it is crucial that there has been a breakthrough towards approval of the start of negotiations. Thereby Serbia is on its way to becoming an EU member," he stressed.

The Austrian Vice Chancellor pointed to Vučić' role in this process, saying he is "the architect of what Serbia has done in the past months."

Vienna has advocated a quick start of accession talks with Serbia which would take place this year and insisted on a clear decision on the date.

Spindelegger reiterated that Austria is confident that the negotiations with Serbia should begin as soon as possible, and announced that Vienna will keep supporting Serbia on the EU path, as Serbia is part of Europe.

Vučić underlined that Serbia has put in a great deal of effort and done a lot, adding that there can be no criticism of the country in the report.

"We are proud of our work, engagement and energy we have put in all this," he said and voiced regret that some have not awarded this work the highest grade. Serbia will work even harder in the future, he added.

Vučić especially thanked Spindelegger for everything he has done in the past months, especially in the past weeks, in terms of getting a date for the start of EU accession talks, and pointed that he is "Serbia's friend."


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