Nikolić discusses attending Croatia's EU celebrations

President Tomislav Nikolić said on Thursday that he would "definitely attend the celebrations of Croatia's EU accession in Zagreb."

Source: Tanjug

However, he noted that "the only way he would decide not to go is if Croatia decided to offend Serbia by allowing Kosovo to be represented at the event as a state."

Nikolić told Tanjug at the summit of Central European countries in Bratislava that "based on everything he has agreed with Croatian President Ivo Josipović and the current state of affairs" - he believes that he will attend the event.

The president said he will wish Croatia progress in the EU, but noted it "should not have preceded Serbia by so many years."

Stressing he has made it his goal for Serbia to create an oasis of peace, especially among former Yugoslav republics, Nikolić said there was "no longer any reason for them to remember only one part of their past - the wars, but also the time when they cooperated, made products together and ventured into other markets under the banner of a single country."

"Serbia could have caused a lot of problems for Croatia in its EU bid, because Croatia did not honor several agreements which were mandatory conditions, especially when it comes to the property and safe return of (ethnic) Serbs. But it is not good to hold others back, it is better to run so that you move forward yourself," Nikolić was quoted as saying by Tanjug.


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