"Serbia determined to protect Kosovo Serbs' rights"

Tomislav Nikolić has said that Serbia is "determined to resolve the issue of Kosovo" and fully and protect the rights of Serbs in the southern province.

Source: Tanjug

The Serbian president made the statement during Monday's meeting with Philippe Douste-Blazy, under-secretary general of the United Nations and France's former minister of foreign affairs.

In what was described as "a cordial and friendly conversation," Nikolić informed his guest about progress Serbia has made in this respect.

The Serbian president said that his country will never recognize Kosovo, but added "it is willing to make agreements on all other issues with interim institutions in Priština."

The president's press service quoted Douste-Blazy as saying that he was "amazed at the courage and determination of the Serbian authorities" to reach a compromise solution to the issue of the southern province in a constructive way, in order for all the citizens in Kosovo and Metohija to be able to expect a better and safer future.

During the meeting, Nikolić informed Douste-Blazy about the initiative to place a bust of Serbian-American scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla within the UN complex on the East River, "and thus honor one of the greatest scientists of all time."


Several Serbs injured in attack in Kosovo

Several Serbs, at least three children among them, suffered injuries on Friday when the buses they were traveling in were attacked with stones.

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