Government "has mechanisms to implement deal"

Ivica Dačić said after a meeting with north Kosovo Serb representatives that a referendum on the Brussels agreement "is obviously not an option for them."

Source: Tanjug

He also stressed the government will not change its course and has mechanisms to implement the agreement.

After a three-hour meeting, Dačić told a news conference at the government building that "nothing would be gained from a referendum since the Serbs in northern Kosovo would not accept its results."

"A referendum is obviously not an option for them: first, we do not have time to debate this issue for months; second, they are asking that the constitutionality of the agreement be determined first; and third, they say documents which violate the Constitution cannot be implemented. Then why do we need a referendum," asked Dačić.

Dačić said the Serbs from northern Kosovo "realize the majority of Serbian citizens accept the Brussels agreement, as opinion polls have shown," and that the government cannot allow someone to drag the whole country "deeper into disaster."

He said the government has mechanisms to implement the agreement, it can stop paying salaries, thus shutting down "parallels institutions" - but added that "it wants to reach at least the minimum agreement with the Serbs from the north."


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