Vučić: We never accept threats and blackmail

Aleksandar Vučić say he believes a majority of Serbian citizens would, in a referendum, accept the Belgrade-Priština agreement on normalization of relations.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The first deputy prime minister also said that the Serbian government "will not accept blackmail of the minority."

Vučić made the comments during his official visit to Croatia on Monday.

"We expect the final decision of Serbs from Kosovo. A referendum makes sense if they are ready to carry it out even if the result in unfavorable for them," he was quoted as telling reporters in Zagreb, when asked whether the referendum would be held.

Vučić also noted that he "offered his resignation and fall of the government" in case the agreement failed in a plebiscite. The government will not accept blackmail and "making of decisions on the referendum question in the streets," he noted.

"Anyone can make whatever decisions they like in the street, but in Serbia it is known where decision are made," said the first deputy prime minister, and explained that this was "in the institutions of the system," adding:

"In Serbia, the majority of citizens and people will decide, and not the minority that thinks they can abuse their position in various ways and threaten someone. We never have and never will accept threats and blackmail."


Vučić satisfied with meetings in Croatia

First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić stated Monday that he is confident that Serbia and Croatia are raising the level of their relations slowly but surely.

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