Serbia “should stay out of EU and keep its sovereignty”

British MEP William Dartmouth said Sunday that Serbia should stay out of the EU and hold on to its sovereignty as it has always done.

Source: Tanjug, Večernje novosti

He noted that the EU had treated the Serbs in Kosovo badly.

William Legge, 10th Earl of Dartmouth, who represents the United Kingdom Independence Party which wants to take the country out of the EU, recently proposed in the European Parliament that Serbia's accession be delayed until the year 3000.

He told Belgrade-based daily Ve;ernje novosti that his party was not targeting Serbia but opposed the EU enlargement, primarily because of the demands of a growing number of immigrants and spending on funds used by the citizens of other countries.

Asked why they were against other countries joining the EU if they intended to take Great Britain out, Lord Dartmouth said:

“Once we leave the Union, you are free to take our place.”

He warned, however, that if Serbia joined the EU right now, its unemployment rate of 25 percent would double.

He predicts the eurozone will dissolve in the next three to five years and advises the Serbian people to stay out of it.

When asked whether he thought the Kosovo Serbs had at least the right to the kind of autonomy enjoyed by other nations in Europe, Dartmouth says he sympathized with them.

“I think the EU has treated them poorly. I am aware of the problem of Serbs in Kosovo, just as I am aware of the problems of other minorities in other parts of the world. Personally, I admire Serbian culture and the culture of the Serbian Orthodox Church,” said the English lord, sending Serbs a message to preserve their sovereignty.

“Nurture and preserve your sovereignty, as you have always done. Do not let career politicians take it away now,” he said.

The United Kingdom Independence Party led by Nigel Farage holds 11 of Britain's 73 seats in the European Parliament. According to latest polls conducted in connection with an expected referendum on whether Britain will stay in the EU, they have the support of 17 percent of British voters.


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