“Belgrade-Priština agreement possible on April 2”

It is possible to reach an agreement in a very “important and difficult” round of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue on April 2, says Branko Ružić.

Source: Tanjug

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) deputy leader noted that the agreement was possible if all sides accepted “a little bit of something they do not want”.

However, Ružić said that one should be prepared for a different outcome as well.

He told Tanjug that the next round of the talks should not be considered a “D Day” and that “there will be many more Aprils in the future”.

The SPS official said that time harmed Serbia’s interests more than the interests of Kosovo Albanians.

“Despite all objective difficulties and lack of will to make a compromise by Priština representatives, I expect it is possible to have a twist that would lead to a sustainable solution,” Ružić stressed.

He underscored that the dialogue “will never end” and that “this is just one step in the solving of the Gordian knot”.

The SPS deputy leader said that both Belgrade and Priština authorities should be aware that the upcoming round was not a final solution of the problem.

“If someone expected the historic problem to be solved and resolved on April 2, it would mean they were very optimistic. Of course it is not possible. The final solution can follow after several stages and steps,” he explained.

Commenting on a community of Serb municipalities, Ružić said that Serbia’s stance was clear and based on a platform and resolution adopted in parliament, adding that “the top officials will not move outside that framework and they do not want to”.

He underscored that Serbia would not recognize Kosovo’s independence but noted that it needed to be realistic regarding the situation in the field.

“We do not have sovereignty in a large part of the territory of our autonomous province, just like Albanian political representatives or Hashim Thaci are aware that the Priština authorities do not have sovereignty in a smaller part of Kosovo,” the SPS official noted.

He said this was a historic moment and that lead negotiator PM Ivica Dačić, President Tomislav Nikolić and Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić would not get a medal and be considered national heroes but that everybody would be aware as time went by how big of a step it was and how good it was for Serbia’s state and national interests.

Commenting on the EU integration, he said that the process was linked to the Kosovo issue and that they affected each other.

Ružić said that that a suspension of the EU integration process would not he in Serbian citizens’ interest, adding that Serbia should not “give something it is not ready to give for the sake of a date for the start of the EU accession talks”.


PM, first deputy discuss next round of talks

Prime Minister Ivica Dačić and First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić met Saturday afternoon to discuss the next round of the Belgrade-Priština dialogue.

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