PM's party reacts to hidden camera scandal

Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Executive Board President Branko Ružić says PM Ivica Dačić’s good will has been taken advantage of in a hidden camera show.

Source: Politika

“It is high time to find a measure that would sanction that kind of kitsch that is promoted in media. This will not violate the reputation of Mr. Dačić or the SPS in any way but I would like to believe that this is the last time that something like this is happening,” he pointed out.

Ružić added that media had to be free but that they must not promote such programs, abuse state institutions and “violate reputation and cultural level of an average Serbian citizen”.

When asked why the prime minister did not leave the show if he felt uncomfortable, he said that the “prime minister is human too” and that some people could deal with such situations while others could not.

“The only reason he stayed until the end of this quasi-show is that Mr. Dačić did not believe it was a setup or a hidden camera. In any case, this is an ugly image that the Serbian government, the SPS, the prime minister or those who thought of something like that just to get their ratings up do not need,” the SPS official said.

He noted that “it is much easier for every person to feel spontaneous and free, to be an ordinary person”, adding that the prime minister was “spontaneous and good-natured”.

“He is also friendly and he would never suspect that someone would use his kindness and his professional attitude. I am sure that he will be careful about accepting interviews after this,” Ružić said.

The prime minister has launched a proceeding against people responsible for an oversight that led to him being in the hidden camera show.

The Serbian Police Union requested on Wednesday to determine whether people in charge of the PM’s security were responsible in any way. The Independent Association of Journalists (NUNS) condemned the hidden camera broadcast in which the prime minister “was exposed to provocation in an indecent and unacceptable manner."

British tabloid The Sun and several foreign newspapers have reported that the Serbian prime minister was a “victim” of the hidden camera.

During the show, Dačić was "interviewed" by a female presenter who was not wearing any underwear.


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