UNGA president: Kosovo is far from United Nations

President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Vuk Jeremić has said that Kosovo is "far from the UN (seat)".

Source: RTS, Tanjug

Speaking for Serbia's public broadcaster RTS, the former foreign minister also noted that there was "no way for it to get closer to this organization unless Serbia decides so."

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians five years ago unilaterally declared independence, but Serbia rejected the proclamation as unconstitutional.

Pointing out that "Kosovo's independence is actively pushed by world powers," Jeremić told RTS that "this statehood has not taken root in the international space," and voiced confidence that "there will not be any democratically elected leadership of Serbia which would jeopardize this by recognizing Kosovo."

When it comes to comparison with Palestine, which achieved the status of a non-member - observer in the UN, Jeremić stressed that this comparison has no justification, since the UNGA made such a decision on Palestine only after the Security Council's reached its decision.

"It would be good if Priština tried to do this without the decision of the UNSC, because this would postpone the consideration of this matter for ten years. I would like them to try that, because I am confident that Priština would then commit itself more seriously to talks with Belgrade than it has been the case so far," he said.

Asked if he had "cleared up the controversy over the foreign policy ideas with former Serbian president Boris Tadić", Jeremić said that it is not a secret that, ever since 2010 and the withdrawal of a resolution on Kosovo before the UN, they disagreed on certain issues.

Jeremić qualified his relationship with current Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and the state leadership as "correct" and said they consult each other on the issues the president of UNGA deals with.

Jeremić also pointed out that, in order to be successful, Serbia needs the unity of government policy.

Party discipline

Meanwhile, Jeremić - a member of the now opposition Democratic Party (DS) - is facing possible expulsion over a row concerning MP seats held by its members who previously served as ministers.

The party's new leadership with Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas at the helm decided earlier to ask all former cabinet ministers to resign as MPs in the new parliament. However, Dušan Petrović and Vuk Jeremić have not complied.

The DS executive board is meeting this afternoon in Belgrade to decide on further steps concerning the two former minister, with Đilas advising that both be expelled from the party.

Jeremić late on Wednesday for the first time commented on the controversy to say that he had no intention of "returning" his mandate, but that he would meet with Đilas ahead of the DS board session, and that he was ready "for a sensible discussion and a joint solution to end this unpleasant situation".

However, Jeremić believes that he earned his MP seat "fair and square".

"I do not wish to gamble with the trust of the citizens. That is not in line with the Constitution and the law", the former foreign minister stated, and noted that so-called "blank MP resignations" were abolished precisely when his party was in power.


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