Opposition DS party leadership meets in Belgrade

The presidency of the opposition Democratic Party (DS) met in Belgrade on Friday, for the first time since Dragan Đilas was elected DS leader.

Source: B92, Tanjug

They discussed personnel issues - and "the economy and a national plan for exiting the economic crisis", according to reports.

Yesterday, former cabinet ministers from the ranks of the DS, Oliver Dulić and Snežana Malović, resigned as MPs.

According to media reports, former Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović could be the next to make the same move. He told Belgrade-based daily Politika that if the party presidency so decided, he would "return his parliamentary mandate".

However, Đilas - who previously called on "ministers who performed poorly" to resign from parliament - today said that did not wish the presidency to make this decision, leaving it instead to each of the party's former ministers.

DS Political Council President Dragoljub Mićunović told reporters in passing on Friday that the meeting "analyzed the political situation and appointed some party organs"

Reports said that Marko Đurišić was made the DS presidency secretary, while Jelena Trivan is now the party's international secretary.

As part of preparations for the session of the DS Main Board, and the setting up of party organs, the presidency decided to nominate Bojan Pajtić as vice-president of the DS, Balša Božović as its general secretary, and Tamara Trpić as the party secretary.

These proposals will be discussed as the main board meets on December 8, it has been announced.


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