Deputy PM "shocked by some MUP officers' lies"

Aleksandar Vučić has posted a message on the internet to express his "shock at the lies" that he said some MUP and government officials were telling the media.

Izvor: B92

The first deputy PM and defense minister was reacting to the devepments in the so-called wiretapping affair.

Posting on his Facebook account on Tuesday, Vučić also announced that he would "address the public by the end of the week at the latest to present information about the way in which politicians in Serbia are being wiretapped".

He also said that he would reveal who participated in this activity, and "what role they had in the system".

Earlier on Tuesday PM and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said that the issue would be investigated.

Also today, the media in Belgrade reported that the head of the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) Criminal Investigations Police, Gen. Rodoljub Milović, denied that he had ordered the "wiretapping" of the country's president and first deputy premier.

Milović was named by Vučić as the person who signed the order.

Meanwhile, the public broadcaster RTS is reporting that MUP's Internal Control officials stated that Telekom Srbija, the phone operator, informed them that they did not register any request to issue a list of phone calls of Vučić and Tomislav Nikolić.

The Internal Control is continuing with the checks of organizational units as part of the investigation in the case, RTS said.


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