“MUP officials to be sacked over wiretapping”

If we determine that police are responsible for wiretapping, all top police officials will be sacked, arrested and put on trial, says Ivica Dačić.

Source: Blic

The Prime Minister and Interior Minister Dačić told daily Blic that he would launch an initiative for the change of regulations aimed at introducing a higher civilian control of the police work.

He has ordered the police to submit a report regarding President Tomislav Nikolić and First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić’s claims that they are being wiretapped.

Dačić also ordered the Internal Affairs Sector to conduct an investigation.

“According to the law, the police director runs the police. The minister does not approve or give consent for operation, including wiretapping and surveillance. That is the case now, too,” he said.

“A new police director will be chosen. There was no will in the previous government to dismiss the director, not even when his mandate expired. The Democratic Party demanded that he remained until a new one was chosen,” the PM and interior minister said.

Dačić and Vučić have discussed the issue and agreed to launch the investigation.

“The wiretapping case cannot be tied to the government in any way and such interpretations are malicious. This has nothing to do with parties’ policies and parties but with individuals and their interests,” he stressed.

Criminal Force Directorate Chief Rodoljub Milović ordered the police to investigate Vučić's phone records, Blic has reported.

Police Director Milorad Veljović has announced that the investigation will begin on Monday.


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