"MUP wiretapping president and first deputy PM"

The intelligence agency BIA has informed First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić that "a part of the MUP" three days ago issued an order to wiretap his phone.

Source: RTS, Tanjug, Večernje novosti

At the same time, Serbia's public broadcaster RTS is reporting on Thursday, the same measure was being carried out when it comes to President Tomislav Nikolić "for a while".

The report is quoting sources close to the government, who said that the order came on the demand of "interest groups", with the help of someone high up in the police (MUP) hierarchy.

The security provided to Vučić has been stepped up, while the State Prosecution has already launched an investigation, according to this.

Nikolić was a guest in an RTS program late on Wednesday when he addressed the issue, and said:

"We have fallen into a hornet's nest here, among the people who use their top offices in many services to rule over lives, among the people who have been insolent enough to wiretap first myself, and then Aleksandar Vučić. This must be investigated thoroughly. This cannot be the way of life in Serbia."

Vučić spoke for Belgrade's Večernje Novosti to confirm the report, and add:

"Three days ago we discovered that a group, on the orders of the MUP, wiretapped top state officials, including President Nikolić and myself. A comprehensive investigation will be launched and very soon we will find out what this is about."

Asked "who those people are", Vučić responded:

"I do not wish to speak (about it) any further. Somebody must have expected me to live in ditchwater, not changing anything and not stepping on anyone's toes. Well I stepped on many toes. I turned my life and the lives of my children into hell. But I have no fear. If the people have a different solution - it won't be beneath us. I have no reason to hide or be afraid. My only worry is not to disgrace myself in front of the people."


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