Former president comments on govt's 100 days

Boris Tadić believes that in the first 100 days in office, this Serbian government made "several good moves, but also several bad ones".

Source: Tanjug

The former president, now the leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DS), also asserted that the government "will endure or fall over the economy", and that is good that it has tackled the Kosovo issue.

“The economy is the most important state, civil, national issue. Finally, I must repeat, Kosovo is not the most important state issue, and I am glad that the parties in power admit that publicly and clearly. As, in that way, we are becoming a mature society,” Tadić said in an interview for Tanjug.

As regards the first 100 days of the government, he is of the opinion that primarily has to do with the life of citizens, but also with the state policy and interests of the entire community.

On the other hand, Tadić underscores that this government has been formed to fulfill certain expectations, but nonetheless one could not disregard the fact that the international community has significant expectations, especially when it comes to Kosovo.

Tadić reiterated that he does not regard Kosovo as the most important issue, and estimated that concerning that issue, the government is vacillating, as it does not have a clear platform for the talks.

“The good thing is, that should be commended, that Ivica Dačić met with Hashim Thaci, and that the blockade has been broken, at the level of officials,” Tadić said.

It is also good that the ruling coalition is negotiating about Kosovo and Metohija, as the parties in power are to be held the most culpable for what happened there, he said.

“If anyone is to blame at all. But, they created aggression and violence in Kosovo, and other regional countries, so they should resolve this problem now. Actually, the SNS that stemmed from the SRS and the SPS which stemmed from Milošević's policy, is in fact the most responsible to resolve that problem,” Tadić noted.

The ruling coalition is unstable, Tadić said, voicing hope that it will continue the fight against organized crime, and that it will resist the temptation to politicize the fight against corruption.

The new government should not shift the blame onto the previous one, but rather resolve what is in its power, as the previous government is not operational anymore, and citizens expect results from this government, Tadić concluded.


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