Kosovo platform "will not disappoint anyone"

Serbia's top state officials have met once again at the Presidency in Belgrade to discuss their platform for the Kosovo negotiations.

Source: B92, Beta

Marko Đurić, adviser to President Tomislav Nikolić, told reporters that the document is expected to be harmonized during next week.

He spoke after the meeting, which lasted for about an hour, and added that after it had been harmonized, Nikolić intended to discuss the platform with all MP groups in the country's parliament.

"Absolute unity of the state leadership has been affirmed when it comes to Kosovo and Metohija," said Đurić.

He added that "a principle will be affirmed" according to which Serbia will "endeavor to preserve its state and national interests, but also to make maximum effort to get a date for the start of EU negotiations as soon as possible".

According to Đurić, these two points do not stand in contrast to one another, while the platform, he noted, "will not disappoint anyone".

Asked "which of the existing solutions worldwide will Belgrade refer to when it comes to solving the Kosovo issue", Đurić noted that the platform was still marked as "state secret", but added that "there are many solutions in European and world practice that can be referred to".

The meeting today was attended by Nikolić, PM Ivica Dačić. his deputies Aleksandar Vučić and Suzana Grubješić, FM Ivan Mrkić, and Kosovo Office chief Aleksandar Vulin.

Aleksandar Vučić announced earlier in the day that President Nikolić would host a meeting of the Council for National Security, which would discuss the platform, while the document should be expected "in the coming days and weeks".


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