Historian says Serbia wasted its EU chance

Historian Latinka Perović has assessed that Serbia has “gambled away” its European chance and warned that Serbian people could disappear.

Source: Beta

“We must not be naive. It is a normal occurrence in history that certain people disappear. They cannot find their place in the given world, they withdraw and disappear,” she told Novi Sad-based Hungarian language daily Magyar Szo.

Perović said that the state was “barbarized and neglected” and that it would take an enormous effort to fix it and that Serbia could not do it by itself.

“I think that chances are minimal but we have to make an effort, primarily intellectual effort that will give an answer to a seemingly simple question – where are we,” she was quoted as saying.

According to Perović, the saddest thing is the fact that young generations already do not see their future in Serbia and want to leave once they have finished their education.

She assessed that Serbia did not have another option aside from the EU accession.

“Europe has its own problems but it has never given such a chance to the Balkans. If the entire Balkans has not, Serbia has certainly gambled away that chance,” the historian said.

She believes that there was no political change after the may election and that only politicians have changed.


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