Kosovo is not our neighbor, DSS leader says

Opposition Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Koštunica said Friday that the EU was exerting "strong pressure" on Serbia regarding Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

He said that the EU was pressuring Serbia to establish good neighborly, but actually interstate relations with Kosovo, offering a "conditional date" for the beginning of EU accession talks as an award.

"Brussels only imposed on Serbia a condition that it should establish good neighborly relations with a part of its territory. Intentionally or not, this blackmail comes when a century of liberating Kosovo is marked," Koštunica stressed.

“If Serbia accepts Kosovo as its neighbor and sets a border with it, this will have a detrimental impact on Serbia's state and national interests,” the DSS leader noted.

He cautioned that now was the right moment for Serbia to send a clear message that the time had come to settle the score with Brussels.

"It means that this is the last moment for us to turn to state-building policy of protecting our national interests," he added.

Koštunica also believes now is the right time for "Serbia to tell Brussels that Kosovo is not its neighbor, that there can be no territorial integrity of Kosovo, since this would violate the territorial integrity of Serbia."


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