UNGA president: UN protects against violence, tyranny

UN General Assembly President Vuk Jeremić has said that the international organization is today especially important to smaller and weaker states.

Source: Tanjug

He expressed the belief that with time, the principles of the UN on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states would gain even more importance.

On the United Nations Day - October 24, Jeremić told Tanjug that the UN was neither a perfect nor an all-powerful instrument in the hands of mankind, but that without it the world would certainly be a far less predictable and far more dangerous place to live in.

“As the most universal of the world organizations, it is especially important to smaller and weaker states, to which their voice in the UN General Assembly, the arranged international relations and respect for international law are often the only protection against violence and tyranny,” said the UN General Assembly president.

He highlighted the importance of the UN principles on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of member states, particularly at a time when separatist spirits were awakening again.

“Over the recent years, we have witnessed an increasing occurrence of and temptations to make unilateral moves, which jeopardizes the arranged order and the preservation of peace and stability in many parts of the world - Africa, Asia, and even on the European continent,” cautioned Jeremić.

The former Serbian foreign minister touched on Serbia's presidency of the UN General Assembly this year, saying that the year is a historic opportunity for Serbia to be a part of all processes and debates vital for the world today, ranging from the crisis in the Middle East, via the global economic crisis, to sustainable development.

“We are in this way back to full capacity on the international scene, and it has only been 20 years since we were suspended from UN membership,” he pointed out.

Jeremić believes that the contacts, reputation and experience that Serbia will gain during the current year will be of great use for the implementation of its state interests and goals in the future.


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