Serbia should not wage wars, president says

Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolić has stated that Serbia should not wage wars and instead fight for its interests peacefully.

Source: Beta

He said on Tuesday evening at the marking of the 100th anniversary since the beginning of the First Balkan War that “the fight for justice and truth is done with words today”.

“We should not wage wars and we must not forget the wars we waged,” the president stressed.

Nikolić added that the authorities were trying to secure a peaceful life to their citizens.

He noted that it was never good to leave unresolved issues to next generations.

Commenting on the First Balkan War, the president said that Serbia had managed to liberate Kosovo in the war and pointed out that one should always bear in mind consequences of the war.

The event at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade was attended by Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch Irinej, several Serbian ministers and students.


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