Radical movement stages protest in Priština

Ethnic Albanian Self-Determination Movement activists have launched violent demonstration in Priština angered by a meeting between Hashim Thaci and Ivica Dačić.

Source: B92, Beta

They hurled "rotten tomatoes and rocks" at the police, which responded by throwing tear gas among the protesters.

Beta news agency is reporting injuries on both sides, but said that their number "could not be determined at this time".

Priština-based Albanian language newspaper Koha Ditore is reporting that the clashes broke out on Monday when the activists attempted to charge into the Kosovo assembly building.

They are shouting anti-Serbia slogans, and carrying banners reading, "No negotiations with Serbia", and, "Unification with Albania, instead of agreement with Serbia".

According to the demonstration's organizers, 33 people have been arrested.

The protest is led by the leader of the radical movement, Albin Kurti, and members of the assembly from the party's ranks.

The local media are also saying that Kurti and two others were detained and then released, while police are out in force securing the buildings that house the assembly and the government in Priština.

The organizers stated that they "did not intend to enter the buildings, but to prevent entrance into them, and at the same time prevent their functioning". The reason for all this in because they see Priština's negotiations with Belgrade as "treason".

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