Multiple salaries in Kosovo to be abolished next week

Aleksandar Vučić says the government will next week make a decision that will make it impossible for persons in Kosovo to receive multiple wages.

Izvor: B92, Tanjug

The first deputy PM referred to the pay given "both Serbia and Priština's institutions".

Following information disclosed in B92 TV program Insajder (Insider) certain persons in Kosovo have been "practically receiving three salaries for years - from Serbia, increased by the Kosovo allowance, and from the Kosovo budget", Vučić announced that, as of next week, this would no longer be possible.

Vučić said this in a brief telephone conversation and announced that the Serbian government will reach this decision on Thursday at the latest.

At the same time, PM Ivica Dačić was on Thursday unavailable for comment.

As Insajder broadcast, Dragiša Vasić, who is the president of the municipality of Leposavić, confirmed that he received salaries from Serb and Kosovo budgets, at the same time admitting that in this way the independent state of Kosovo was being recognized.

Vasić is a member of the SNS, a party whose president is Aleksandar Vučić, and on this list are also representatives of almost all parties that have their boards in Kosovo. Vasić is one of the rare ones who accepted to make a statement, while other members of the parties on this list refused to speak about it.

As we ascertained by comparing various official data, the list among others contains Stojanka Petković of the URS, Branimir Vukadinović of the DS, Milomir Kuzmanvić of the SPS. The list among others also has Miodrag Andrić of the DSS who also refused to make a statement, but said briefly that he had not been receiving his salary from Priština since 2006.

By accepting salaries from the Kosovo budget, numerous officials who are also members of parties recognized thus the state of Kosovo, while the state policy that all parties stand for before the public, is that Kosovo is a part of Serbia.

As a reminder, in the third episode of the "Patriotic Pillage" series Insajder published that more than 1,300 Serbs from Kosovo are on the payroll of the government in Priština. They include SNV leader Milan Ivanović, and two DSS officials - current Zvečan municipality president Dragiša Milović and former president of the municipality of Leposavić Velimir Bojović. They all said that it was correct that they received salaries, but during the time of the UNMIK administration, and that they afterwards closed their accounts. At the same time, in their reply to Insajder, the Kosovo government said that the list was still valid.


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