“EU will not reintroduce visas for Serbians”

Not a single EU member state has requested that visas be reintroduced for Serbian and Macedonian citizens, daily Danas has learnt.

Source: Danas

The daily has learnt this from EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom’s office.

Germany’s Christian Democratic Union official Wolfgang Bosbach has recently launched an initiative to consider reintroducing visas for Serbia and Macedonia due to increased number of false asylum seekers.

Malmstrom’s associates told Danas that “the EU member states have been facing a significant number of persons who violate asylum procedures since the visa liberalization was introduced”.

“In order to prevent the abuse of the visa-free regime, the European Commission (EC) has launched a monitoring system that envisages control of the measures taken by the Western Balkan countries, and a warning mechanism controlled by the EU External Borders Control Agency. The third report on the situation in that domain will soon be presented to the European Council and the European Parliament,” sources from the EU commissioner’s office told the daily.


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