Nikolić pays visit to central Serbian town

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić said on Sunday that Serbia “was not born yesterday and that it will not disappear tomorrow”.

Source: Tanjug

He stressed at a celebration of 100 years since St. Ilija’s Church in the central Serbian town of Knić was built that “some have hit the foundation of our state”.

“Everything we build on earth is little compared to deeds we can leave to our descendants. This is my motto. Life is short, let it be written that you were worth it, let our children speak about it. You made me your president and this is how I plan to do things, but if I am no good to you, feel free to circle somebody else’s name,” Nikolić

Knić is located close to the president's hometown.

New Serbia (NS) leader and Construction and Urbanism Minister Velimir Ilić also attended the celebration.


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