Serbia is not in rush to join EU, president says

Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolić has said that Serbia will have its own conditions in the continuation of the EU integration process.

Source: B92, Tanjug

He added that “there is no reason to chase after a date and a paper”.

“Ten years of running has brought Serbia to the verge of poverty. Now we are going to start thinking about ourselves a little. We have friends all over the place, let them compete who will help Serbia,” the president said.

At a Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Assembly session, which was held on Saturday in Belgrade, Nikolić said that Serbia would fulfill all the conditions that other countries needed to fulfill and that it should not be presented with conditions that others did not have to face.

“We belong to a great world family of the peoples, we want to belong to the European family as well. They know us well and what we can fulfill and what we cannot. We would feel like a terminally ill man in a luxurious palace without Kosovo and Metohija,” he stressed.

The president noted that Serbia wanted to cooperate, that it did not ask for anything that belonged to somebody else and that it did not intend to fight with anyone, adding that he hoped that it would not give up on what belonged to it as long as there were parties such as the SNS.

“We are proud, we are facing great problems and troubles but we will never be so troubled to let everybody walk all over us and they won’t,” Nikolić stated.

The SNS was founded by Tomislav Nikolić in 2008. He resigned as a party leader after he won the presidential election in May.

The Progressives elected Aleksandar Vučić as a new party leader and Jorgovanka Tabaković as his deputy at the Saturday session.


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