Minister condemns Muslim leader's "fatwa"

Education Minister Žarko Obradović has condemned an order given by Muamer Zukorlić "banning" Islamic religious classes in elementary and secondary schools.

Source: Tanjug

Zukorlić, who holds the title of mufti, heads the Islamic Community in Serbia, one of the country's two rival Muslim organizations, the other being Adem Zilkić's Islamic Community of Serbia.

Obradović said that Zukorlić's position represented "deep meddling of religion and politics into educational system affairs", describing this behavior as impermissible.

"The explanation written in that order is disgraceful. Zukorlić clearly either has trouble understanding certain things, or he is attempting to present them publicly in a different manner," the minister told reporters on Thursday at the Serbian parliament .

Obradović explained that the list of religion classes teachers was put together four years ago, and that the names were proposed by religious communities. Previously, the list was confirmed by the Ministry of Religion, now this is done by a government office for religious issues, and then forwarded to schools.

"That speaks for itself," Obradović concluded.

The controversy started on Wednesday, when Zukorlić issued his order, or "fatwa" - demanding that parents not allow their children to attend religious classes in those schools where teachers were "loyal" to Adem Zilkić's Islamic Community of Serbia.


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