PM: Partition of Kosovo only realistic solution

PM Ivica Dačić says the EU cannot force Serbia to recognize Kosovo as independent, while a partition of the province is "the only possible realistic solution".

Source: Tanjug

"I still think that a partition (of Kosovo) is the only possible realistic solution, and I'm sure the Albanians in Priština would accept it," Dačić told Belgrade-based Pink TV late on Friday, and added:

"However, it raises the question of whether it could cause shockwaves in the region - while at the same time, the fact is being avoided that a partition of Serbia would cause shockwaves."

He added that "a lasting solution does not exists", and that a political dialogue "certainly can take into account the legitimate interests of Serbs and (ethnic) Albanians".

"In this phase, anything that is not acceptance of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo is acceptable (to Serbia)... Brussels cannot force us to accept Kosovo's independence," the prime minister stressed, noting that five of the EU's member-countries also did not recognize Kosovo.

Dačić advised a "relaxation of relations between Belgrade and Priština" at this time, while until Serbia joins the EU - "which will take many years" - sustainable solutions should be found, "which means that they must not include a recognition of Kosovo and Metohija, and which will not prevent Serbia's European path".

Speaking about the economy, Dačić said that the government would in November draft the state budget for next year, and revealed that it will plan for a deficit of three percent.

He once again rejected the speculation that there were differences between him and his first deputy, Aleksandar Vučić, saying that "everything is under control", while the cabinet was "making all its decisions unanimously".

The premier told the television outlet that he expected the European Commission to submit "an objective report" on Serbia's progress, and added that "every move will be harmonized with EC representatives, because Serbia's policy gains in strength in that way".

"The new government has not made a single move that the EC could comment on negatively," stressed he.

Also yesterday, both Dačić and Vučić took part in the Belgrade Security Forum,

and addressed Kosovo-related issues, including implementation of previously reached agreements, and the conditions set before Serbia by the EU, related to the province.


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