Incidents aimed at destabilizing north, Serbs say

Political representatives of Kosovo Serbs have assessed that latest incidents are aimed at destabilizing the north and creating rifts between the Serbs.

Source: Tanjug

They believe that the incidents are connected with a process of ending Kosovo’s supervised independence.

Unknown persons fired at EULEX and Kosovo police vehicles in Zubin Potok on Friday. A Kosovo police officer was lightly injured by the shattered glass.

Kosovska Mitrovica District Head Radenko Nedeljković said that it was clear now more than ever that ending of the supervised independence and incidents in northern Kosovo were coordinated actions.

He told Tanjug that the actions were aimed at destabilizing the north and creating chaos in order to create differences among the Serbs so the north could be easily integrated into Priština’s system.

Nedeljković stressed that it was obvious that Priština was in a hurry and that it did not want negotiations, adding that it wanted to change the situation in the field. According to him, the incidents in northern Kosovo serve as an alibi to EULEX and KFOR to be more actively involved in this part of the province.

United Serb List (JSL) MP in the Kosovo assembly Rada Trajković told Tanjug that she believed that the incidents in the north could be connected with the end of Kosovo's supervised independence.

She also believes that Serbs are not behind the incidents.

“If Serbs are doing this, those are Serbs who are doing (Kosovo PM) Hashim Thaci’s dirty work, those are Serbs who want to destabilize, create chaos and create preconditions for interventions in northern Kosovo,” Trajković pointed out.

Commenting on constitutional amendments adopted by the Kosovo assembly that envisage ending of the supervised independence, she said that the Kosovo institutions were “very bad”.

“Giving full independence to such institutions means giving them the right to interfere with northern Kosovo,” Trajković said and stressed that it represented a great danger.


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