Kosovo: Schools in Serb enclaves left without water

Some 3,000 Serb students in four enclaves south of the Ibar River did not start school on Monday, after the premises were disconnected from the water supply.

Source: Beta

Serbian Education Ministry official Dušan Maksimović told reporters that the affected schools are located in Laplje Selo, Gračanica, Sušica, and Preoc.

Maksimović told the Beta news agency that classes would not be held out of fear that an epidemic might break out.

"The schools will not open until water has been reconnected. I have informed the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija about this," he explained.

The Kosovo Albanian authorities in Priština told the agency earlier that they decided to cut the water supply to the educational institutions due to "unpaid bills".

However, Maksimović dismissed this explanation, saying that the move represented "new pressure by the Kosovo authorities" aimed against Serb schools which work according to the Serbian curriculum, and added that the schools in question had not been sent the bills on time.


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