President: EU is priority but not at all costs

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić met with European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin on Monday evening in Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

Nikolić and Kacin said that Serbia's European path was a priority and that a high-level political dialogue between Belgrade and Priština should be established as soon as possible.

The Serbian president said that there were still doubts when it came to interpretations about what the previous government had signed and that non-attending of regional conferences was to the detriment of Serbia alone, pointing out at the same time that the desire to join the EU was a dream of every serious politician in Serbia, but not one to be embraced at all costs, the press office of the president said in a release.

Kacin praised moves the Serbian government has made so far in the fight against crime and corruption, stressing that the struggle to reform the judiciary should remain a priority for the government.

Touching on to the situation in the southern Serbian province, Kacin said that efforts to secure multi-ethnicity and rule of law were a central activity of the European institutions in that region.

Nikolić and Kacin agreed that peace and stability in the region were a necessary condition for further progress and a better life for all citizens, according to the release.

The EP rapporteur said that he also agreed with Nikolić that systemic corruption was a “cancer of the society”.

He, however, believes that the current government and the president can lead Serbia forward.

Speaking to reporters after talks with Nikolić, Kacin said that only Serbia itself could achieve rule of law and that Europe has no intention of interfering in its internal affairs.

Kacin said that he believed that Serbia would take this decisive step.


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